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Fine Family Portraits are truly Family Art Treasures.


A Portrait is an artistic representation of a person or people in which the facial expression is predominant and reveals the likeness, personality and mood. Portraiture is the art of capturing the essence of the subject, whether relationships, personality or emotion, and transposing it to paper, canvas or stone.

Art Portraiture vs Documentary Photos... Anyone with a camera can snap a picture. If you can turn on a light switch and focus, you qualify to operate a fixed-beam "portrait studio" such as found in the "Big Box" outlets. These snapshot portraits are valuable as inexpensive documentary photographs.

Fine art portraiture reached a pinnacle during the "High Renaissance" period with such masters as Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Titian, etc. With the advent of photographic science came the Photographic Portrait Artist. The traditions of fine art portraiture were passed from the painting masters on to photographic artists.

In today's modern world, the magic of photographic science is available to everyone thanks to one-use, "disposable" cameras, digital cameras, and an abundance of one-hour labs and computer printers. Today, everybody is able to enjoy making photographs, and try their hand at being artistic.

As with any vocation, there are some people who are drawn to the art and science of portrait photography, who study it, and dedicate themselves to the artistry of photography as their life's work. I am one such person. And in case you missed it on the Home page, I GUARANTEE you will be Thrilled, not just satisfied with the portraits I make for you! I am dedicated to creating the very finest family portraits you've ever had made, whether in studio, or on location anywhere in Hawaii!___SPC II

Hawaii Family Portraits

Families are the Heart and Soul of Society

Hawaii Family Portraits on location

"Stan, you always do such a great job capturing the emotions in our family portraits. We love the way you combined these photographs to make this portrait for us! Mahalo!" Steve & Ruby Avilla, Aiea, Hawaii

Oahu Family Portraits in Studio

"You know, Stan, at first I wasn't sure how I'd like a family portrait where we aren't looking at the camera. Now that we have it on our wall at home, I can hardly believe not only how great it really looks, and how good you made us look, but the feelings I get every time I look at it! Thank you so much!" - Reylene Yoshioka, Pearl City, Hawaii

Honolulu Family Portrait Photographer

Wow, Stan! I really couldn't see it when you were working with us, but I must say, you really have a special vision! These portraits you made for us are way beyond all expectations! Thank you!"- Rene Kuehu, Waianae, HI

Hawaii family portraits - Fine Art Portraits in studio

"Wow! I love the artistic way you created our portraits!You are really talented, Stan. These portraits are SMOKIN'!" - Yvonne & Kevin Hopkins, Kaneohe, Hawaii

Oahu family portraits on location

"Aloha Stan, Emily and I are very pleased with the portraits. Every time we walk by we have to stop and enjoy looking at them! They are truly heirlooms. We love them! Mahalo!" - Calvert Chun, Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu Family Portraits in Studio

"You know, Stan, I have never had a portrait done that I really liked. I just don't photograph well...But these portraits you made for us, well, they are remarkable! We love them! Thank you." Dr. & Mrs Bhatia, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii Family portrait photographer

"Stan, Mahalo nui loa for the beautiful portraits! We're thrilled with them, and enjoy them every day. It's an honor for us that you want to display them. You're one hell of a photographer!" - Cyril & David Leister, Kapolei, Hawaii

Honolulu family portrait photographer

"Stan, you are a fantastic photographer! The portraits are gorgeous, and we weren't expecting them to arrive so soon! Thank you for doing such a great job!" - Janet Axiotis, Castle Rock, CO

Honolulu Family Portrait Photographer

"Stan, I am just thrilled with what you did for my portrait! I can't thank you enough." - Krystal Hallam, Oxnard, CA.


Family Portraits are Family Art Treasures

Yes, there are other Family Portrait Photographers in Hawaii who are capable

of making fine family portraits, no question. What sets me apart from all the rest is my Perspective. You see to me, the goal of a Fine Art Family Portrait is to show the relationships, connections and emotion in the family while presenting each individual at their best. In other words, I want to create a piece of ART for you!

First of all, human souls are the epitome of God's physical creation. Families are the very Core of society, and each family is uniquely beautiful. To any individual, their family relationships have unique significance. The point is that every person and every family deserves to have their own, personal, Family Art piece! A true heirloom, Family Art Treasure!

So when looking for an Oahu Portrait Photographer to create your family portraits,

where do you start? If you live on Oahu, or have family or friends here, you can ask people you know to recommend a Honolulu Family Portrait Photographer. And that's a good start. If you're visiting Hawaii, how do you find the right Family Portrait Photographer in Hawaii for you?

In every case you will find that most Hawaii Photographers specialize in wedding photography...not Family Portrait Photography. That's important to know because there is a big difference! If you want a Hawaii Photographer who will create exceptional Family Portraits on Oahu for you, you will do well to choose a Honolulu Photographer who specializes in Family Portrait Photography! Makes sense, doesn't it.

If you just want a fast, cheap snapshot as a memento of your Hawaii vacation, or someone to snap a few pictures and give them to you on a disc to print yourself, you can find several people claiming to be professional Hawaii Family Photographers who will accommodate you. On the other hand, if what you want is a truly fine Family Portrait that you will cherish and be proud to display on a wall in your home, and that will give you joy for years to come, you will be rewarded for your investment of time in researching for a real Professional Hawaii Photographer who specializes in fine Family Portrait Photography on Oahu.

As you investigate this Professional Hawaii Family Portrait Photographers website, please notice

the comments and testimonials from our clients. I believe you will find that what we offer here at Paramount Photography Hawaii is exactly what you are looking for. We specialize in fine Hawaii Family Portrait Photography, and have been in business for nearly 20 years. (Personally I've been creating Family Portrait Photography in Hawaii for over 30 years.)

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Don't delay or put this off...Because I do all the photography, previews, and artwork myself, I can only accomodate two family portrait sessions per week.

A Photograph is a Photograph...Right?....

There are two basic genres of portraiture: Literal, and Interpretive. Within these genres there are many styles defined by lighting, pose, camera angle and props. Literal Portraits are documentary in nature and have the subject(s) looking back at the viewer, and usually in an obviously posed posture. Interpretive Portraits have a more candid appearance where the subject(s) are not looking back at the viewer, and appear to be involved in some kind of activity. But what really makes the difference in a fine family portrait is the time, sensitivity and care that the artist puts into the creation of your portrait!

Why I Love Making Family Portraits in Hawaii

Growing up with two older sisters and two older brothers, and both parents was a wonderful, hopeful, exciting and sometimes even a little bit scary experience for me. (Older brothers can be ruthless...) I fondly remember the "Family Room" in our house, and Family Nights when we'd all go to a matinee movie, then have dinner together, then maybe a board game or watch a special TV show. I remember there were portraits in the Family Room and Living Room as well as snapshots all down the hallway my mom referred to as the "Rogues Gallery". Unfortunately for me, over the years many of these family heirlooms have been lost. So you see I have a real understanding of the value of fine, artistic family portraits that capture and preserve the individual personalities within the whole family dynamic. I have always been drawn to art...(excuse pun, please..). I've always enjoyed looking at art, and I've always loved creating art! I love art in drawing, painting, and sculpture. I also love art in music, poetry, performance, and I love art photography. I love creating Family Portraits because I have a great appreciation for family portraits personally. And because I love making art with special meaning.

Your Family Is Unique

You and each of your family members are unique. And I get a real 'charge' out of making beautiful family portraits that are unique to the family I'm working with. If you are interested in having an artfully interpretive portrait made of your family, call me. Let's talk about what is important to you in a portrait of your family. There is no cost or obligation with this call, and I can answer questions you have about where and when your portrait should be made, and how to prepare so everyone looks their very best in your family portraits. I can help you with questions you should ask any Hawaii Family Portrait Photographer you are considering. Then you will be better informed when you make the decision on who to hire to create your Family Art Treasures.

So, What Should You Do Right NOW...

Call or Email me right now while you're thinking about it! We both know that as soon as you click off this website, something will demand your attention, and your family portrait will be put on "the back burner"...again.

Time Waits For No One...

Your family is changing every day! Don't put this off. If you do, how much time will pass and how many things will come up to keep you from having a special portrait made at this important time in your family history? Before you know it, a few months or even a year has gone by and you still don't have that wonderful portrait you've dreamed of having on your wall!
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Be sure to ask about my SPECIAL OF THE MONTH. Call or Email me right now while you're thinking about it. (808) 841-7733.PS. Remember, there is No Cost or Obligation attached to this call just to chat, or your Email for your Free Family Portrait Guide. I look forward to talking with you and answering your questions about your Family Portraits in Hawaii. I believe I can help you make the best decision regarding your Oahu Family Portraits, even if I am not the right Honolulu Family Portrait Photographer for you!

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